Developing the capabilities of local engineers

Kuala Lumpur:  Identified under the National Key Economic Areas (NKEAs) which aim to quadruple the gross national income (GNI) of the business service sector to RM 79 billion in eight years, Strand Aerospace Malaysia plays an important role in achieving this target as an engineering service industry to contribute towards a high-income economy.

Under the MSC status, the company has produced analysis for critical aircraft structural components. Its strategy for the global market was to create value from the engineering services required.

Strand Aerospace Malaysia (SAM) Sdn. Bhd., focus in nurturing on human capital development with the sole purpose of developing Malaysian graduate engineers in capturing bigger market share to create high-paying jobs for Malaysians.

“We have proven our capability time and again with our European clients and what started as a pilot projects in 2006 for a few clients in Britain have ballooned to larger contracts with multiple clients across Britain, France and Germany,” said Naguib Mohd Nor.

He said providing value for the engineering services required providing world-class quality and efficiency at competitive prices.

“Quality and efficiency in the context of aerospace industry implies providing the highest standards in engineering. We are able to meet these requirements through diligent focus on the development and nurturing our human capital.”

Naguib and his fellow staff have personally led human capital development initiatives at SAM with the sole purpose of developing Malaysian graduates into industry-ready engineers.

“Our in-house training methodologies prepare them to communicate effectively in English and embody the best global practices. Changing of the working culture of Malaysian engineers to match out European client environment requirements is our greatest challenge but we have been very successful thus far due to our intimate knowledge of what is required to affect this change,” said Naguib.

Source: NST

Posted on July 23, 2012

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