Strand has been working in the industry for over a fifteen years and has worked on a number of fixed wing and rotary wings that include:

i. A400M: Certification analysis for fatigue and damage tolerance (F&DT) of the spoiler and aileron support structure.

ii. A380: Lower Leading Edge Composite Panel static analysis, Rear Spar Static and F&DT Certification Analysis.

iii. A350: A350-900 Fuselage Flight Test Installation, A350-900 Main Landing Gear System (MLGS) Design Analysis (With FEM)

iv. A340: static and F&DT (Fatigue & Damage Tolerance) analysis of the Front and Centre Spars on the A340-500/600 EIS (Entry Into Service), SIA (Singapore Airlines) and HGW (High Gross Weight) aircraft.

v. A330: Freight Conversion F&DT Analysis.

vi. A320: A318/A319/A320/A321 Manufacturing Support, A320/A321 Aileron Re-Design, A320 Extended Service Goal (ESG), A320 Winglet.

vii. Nimrod MRA4: Flaps and Ailerons stress analysis , Wing Box FEM.

viii. Harrier GR7: Landing Gear fatigue analysis, Fuselage FEM.

ix. Tornado: Life extension fatigue analysis on the Tornado main and nose landing gears.

x. MK7 Sea king: Static stress analysis of Pallet and Scanner Head assembly with MathCad.

xi. EH101: Static stress analysis on structures and system installations.

xii. C-Series; MRJ & A320 Neo Thrust Reverser analysis