Structural Analysis

The Strand Group of Companies provides high‐quality technical solutions at competitive rates.

A Strand solution can be differentiated by:

Quality: Strand is certified to AS EN9100. We deliver to high technical standard. This is demonstrated by our capability in winning repeat work order from the world’s leading aircraft manufacturer.

Depth of ability: Strand can support full range of analysis suite for any given piece of structure from initial sizing through certification. SAM covers the following disciplines of structural analysis:

  • ‐ Static Analysis
  • ‐ Fatigue Analysis
  • ‐ Damage Tolerance Analysis
  • ‐ Composite Analysis
  • ‐ Finite Element Model (hypermesh and nastran,)
  • ‐ Test Support
  • ‐ Structural Report, type record and Aircraft Certification Document production
  • ‐ Manufacturing Concessions analysis

Continuity in Support: Within the Strand Group, Strand Aerospace Malaysia is proud in having zero attrition rates and being able to provide resource stability to any program.

Total cost‐effectiveness: Strand offers a range of cost solution to suit customer and program requirements. We offer total package ownership through fixed price package to help our clients minimize their risk and resource offloads arrangement which provides flexibility for clients.