STRAND as an established technical organisation have been involved in aircraft certification analysis since inception. Among the certification analysis (checkstress) that were successfully completed by STRAND are:


•A380, Rear Spar, Static
•A380, Rear Spar, F&DT
•A380, Inboard Fixed Leading Edge Lower Panels, Composite
•A380, Inboard Outer Fixed Leading Edge Upper & Lower Panels, Composite
•A330-200F (Freighter), Aileron & Spoiler Support Structure, F&DT
•A330-200F (Freighter), Flap Support Structure, F&DT
•A330-200F (Freighter), Skin-Centre Spar, F&DT
•A400M, Aileron Support Structure, F&DT
•A400M, Spoiler Support Structure, F&DT
•A320 ESG, Skin-Rib-Stringers, F&DT
•A320 ESG, Spars, F&DT
•A320 Sharklet, Fixed Trailing Edge and Leading Edge Panel Support Structure (Buttstraps), Static
•A340-600, Front & Centre Spar and Leading Edge, Static
•Nimrod MLG, Static & Fatigue
•EH101 – Civil 510, Static