Composite 2Composite 1Strand has been supporting a wide range of composite certification analysis work for Airbus. Strand’s Airbus technical signatory has over 20 years of experience that cover a wide range industry including railway and satellites.

Strand engineers are familiar with the use of Airbus methods as well as utilisation of FEA tools in modeling complex laminate loading scenario.
A380 Lower Leading Edge Composite Panel

The A380’s lower leading edge composite panels were designed and built in Malaysia. Post the initial delivery of the first A380’s, Airbus required a new benchmark standard of certification analysis. Because of the nature of composite analysis the initial set of certification analysis proved unwieldy.
Airbus needed a more concise analysis which reduced the volume of analysis and provided the necessary resolution to support in service repairs. In addition to this the analysis had to be produced in a short time. Because of Strand’s track record of delivery on demanding programs, the company was called in. The end result was a highly elegant solution that capitalized on the experience and efficiency of Strand’s engineers.