Static Analysis

As a mature technical establishment with more than 20 years of experience, Strand has successfully provided Static Analysis using classical methods to support various Airbus UK projects. The following are examples of completed Static Analysis projects from Airbus UK:

A380 Rear Spar Static and F&DT* Certification Analysis

statics analysis 1Rear spar of an aircraft is one of the most highly loaded primary structure, taking aerodynamic bending loads, fuel pressure and various interface loads. Strand Aerospace engineers were tasked with the certification analysis to support the first aircraft’s entry into service in 2006. This was the first time a certification analysis of primary structure being done in Malaysia. There were program challenges as the delivery period was extremely tight and the success of the A380 program relies heavily on the delivery of its first aircraft. Technically, Strand engineers have had to deal with tens of thousands of load cases and pragmatically down-selected representative case combinations to ensure progress of program without compromising safety. The analysis and report were successfully delivered on time. As results of this Strand has been given responsibility for certification calculation of the following variants of A380’s rear and front spar.

statics analysis 2 statics analysis 3